Lab 11: Ecology

Exercise 1: Trees

It is a river birch tree.


This is the site I used for the dichotomous key:

The branches are alternating and [[#|thin]]. The bark is papery and peels off very easily. The leaves are lobed with little ridges.


Exercise 2: Birds

This is a flamingo.

Here is a dichotomous key:

This is the flamingo's call:

Exercise 3: Spring Flowers

This is a daffodil.

Here is a dichotomous key:

The first Earth Day was April 22,1970, and it was Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin who began this. Over 20 million people participated in this very first Earth Day. In our present day, over 500 million people participate in 175 countries.

There's an Earth Day Festival at Riverside Park: music, rock climbing, nature walks, crafts, etc.

Earth Day Festival at Washington Park: music, canoeing, nature walks, etc.

In Celebration of Trees: kids can connect with nature by hiking, adopting trees, etc.

Party for the Planet: learn about taking care of the earth.